Custom Made

"Custom Made" lighting projects

Like Italy has a double soul: the Custom Made and the Like Made.

The Custom Made soul is that providing the creative know-how, experience and professionalism of Like Italy. With Custom Made, our designers, stylists, architects and lighting producers who create light projects from their illumination idea, rely on their experience and the Like Italy quality in their creations.
For us, in fact, the word “experimentation” means creation and each project, whether it be standard or custom-made, has its own peculiarities, whilst always refined and unique. This is the added value of our production, a positive element that is also applied to the creation of personalised lighting projects, deriving from the tradition of expert craftsmanship and company experience combined with modern LED lighting technologies and a production cycle overseen from beginning to end, in all its phases.
Besides the realisation of unique, designer lamps, Like Italy has also a soul that renders it a hotbed of innovative lighting projects, offering its expertise, know-how and technologies to designers, architects and creatives that have a project in mind. Why is Like Italy available for others’ lighting projects? Because we believe that there is a lot of creativity and innovative potential to bring to light.

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