Our history

Since 1985, we have created with passion and meticulous craftsmanship, designer lamps, focusing on product quality, technological innovation and highly aesthetic components, that are the great values of Made in Italy all over the world. The partnership with internationally renowned designers and the experience has led us to experiment with new forms, finishes and methodologies. And thus Like Italy was born, a collection of quality products designed for customers who know the aesthetic value of light and who really appreciate the content of our craftsmanship, combined with the quality and exclusivity of the raw materials used.

Our philosophy

We like to think that light is suspended in time, between past and future, spreading its roots in the tradition of our history, countering and encountering the pace of the evolution of modern times. That’s how born the “Like Italy” products; unique pieces, inextricably linked to tradition and craftsmanship, but applying the latest LED technology. Heterogeneous products that stand alone and together, but especially products that are able to rouse emotions: this is the Like Italy style and the reason why #WeLikeLight.

The traditional materials

Brass, a little used material with assured charm. The motivation is the high cost or, more simply, the lack of workshops able to work it properly: unlike other more simple materials to be machined, such as iron or steel that are relatively simple to master, processing brass requires a wealth of experiences.

In popular imagination, brass is that shiny material, yellow in colour, dull, old-worldly… The rediscovery of burnishing, rather, transforms it into a fascinating and suggestive material that, thanks to the ever-changing patina that forms on its surface, offers all the uniqueness and originality required to break the mould. Eco-friendly due to its being completely recyclable and thanks to  its durability and excellent corrosion resistance, brass has always been present in traditional craftsmanship to create furnishing products.